by Trinadora

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released October 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Trinadora Rockford, Illinois

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Track Name: Like The Waters Of A Bayou
With our songs we make a promise
To share our love and help it grow
Through the days that lie before us
Where it leads we cannot know
[Refrain] Our fortunes flow
Like the waters of a bayou
They rise and fall and they come and go
But through it all I’ll stay beside you
No matter where the winds of change
Might toss and blow
Through the sparkling summer sunshine
Through the whirling winter snow
We will share the scenes of our lives
As the seasons come and go
Track Name: Is It True
Is it true can it be like you say
Can you really love me in a
Kind and steady way
Can I open my heart once more
It’s been broken so often before
I wonder how it came to be
That the one you adore is me
Can I sail in the wind once more
I can hear your voice calling
but I’m still on the shore
[Refrain] Wounds deep healed hard
living with pain
I’ve tried so long
do I dare to believe once again
When the hurting is deep it heals hard
I have learned to get by
as I’ve journeyed this far
I’ve hidden my pain for so long
If I give you my heart is it wrong
I’ve watched and I’ve listened to you
Every promise you made held true
I can feel you so close to my soul
I would love to cross over
but it’s so far to go
Track Name: Café On The Square
I still recall the sounds
Of that little tourist town the
Music and the voices in the air
Gentle sea breeze wafting in
An open door so many friends
That little café on the square
[Refrain] Our love was a song
An easy sing-along
A chorus and our
World had joined us there
We sang through the night
And loved the morning light
That little café on the square
[Bridge] We didn’t dream
of seasons changing
Of frosty days
Or chilling wind
Our story always
Was beginning
We thought we’d
Never see
That summer end
Track Name: Should I Say It
[Refrain] Should I say it
If I tell you how I feel would you begin to shy away
Do you know it
Is the love I try to hide so strong you see it anyway
Every time that your eyes meet mine
I can feel my heart race
If I touched you would you decline
would you share an embrace
You’re the friend that I know so well
But do I dare to disclose
I’m in love with you can you tell
am I coming to close
Track Name: On My Mind Again
You were on my mind again all through last night
In my empty bed I tossed ‘til the day- light
Knowing that you’re out somewhere has me uptight
Emotions that I feel for you rule all my life
[Refrain] I can’t believe this has happened to me
I thought I was strong and sure
But here I am just living in dreams that you’ll appear at my door
I could never see myself as any man’s wife
Then my silly love for you disrupted my life
Now if you’d just say the word I‘d be yours alone
I have fallen oh so hard, but now you are gone
Track Name: Dust
I see the dust blowin’ on the wind
The wind blows through ages of time
And the dust is the bones of a race long gone
A million million souls drifting on and on
[Refrain] Oh will that dust ever settle down to rest
Must it always be restless drifting everywhere
Will the ages of the past mingle with the dying of today
As their bones lie in the grave returning to the clay
Track Name: Who We Are
You say you never learned to dance and you hardly ever sing
I'm sure that it's not easy trust the feelings they can bring
When your soul has been constrained and your heart encased in glass
Now the crystal has been broken and your spirit's free at last
(Refrain) Trust the vision that I see and let my eyes become your mirror
Trust the fear and pain to me until you can see them clearer
Root you hope deep as a tree when love is flowing like a river
Who we are is all we have 'til our rivers run together
Another lover before me broke your heart and set you free
There is mercy in the morning there is wisdom in a tear
If grief is all you have to give, trust my love and feel it freely
Who you are is all you have. No one else could ever reach me
Track Name: Thorn In My Heart
There’s a thorn in my heart
Where my baby used to be (2x)
There’s a tear in my eye,
and that’s all that I can see
When he left me that morning,
said he never comin’ back (2x)
Had a ticket for a train
rollin’ down a one-way track
I’d be wailin’ and cryin’
but I don’t want no one to know (2x)
So I just walk these floors
I just don’t know where to go
Track Name: Retro-Rockin' Roadhouse
Well there’s a place I know they play that rock-n-roll
They get all shook up they never get enough
That retro-rockin’ roadhouse down the line
You see ‘em on the floor they scream and yell for more
As long as music plays the folks won’t go away
That retro-rockin’ roadhouse …
[Refrain] Well baby baby baby Won’t you come along with me
Once you get inside that house
You’re never never never gonna want to leave
Well let me dance with you until the music’s through
Make your steps match mine until it’s closin’ time
That retro-rockin’ roadhouse down the line